Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 2017 Agenda

July 10, 2017


1. Opening Business
    a. Approval of the Agenda
    b. Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting
    c. Vision Statement Discussion

    d. Good News Report
    e. Public Comment

2. Student Achievement Report/Data
3. Planning
    a. New Member Orientation

        i.  Access to policies online
       ii. Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
    b. Member Training 
    c. Bylaw/Policy Review
4. Budget Report
5. Committee Reports
    a. Committee Reports
    b. May Accident Report
6. New Business

    a. Set Schedule and Council Member Roles for 2017-18 SBDM meetings 
    b. Have form on file for receiving email notices
    c. Sign form on Managing Public Records
        i.  Your Duty Under the Law
       ii.  Open Records and Open Meetings Law
    d. Share Freedom of Speech and Religious Freedom Laws
    e.Second read discipline policy
    f. Second read wellness policy
   g. Second read anti-bullying policy
   h. Textbook Adoption Discussion
   i. Approval of PE Teacher Hire: Justin Maddock 
7. Adjournment