Emergency Plan Policy

Emergency Plan Policy
Lakewood Elementary School

The principal or principal’s designee, in consultation with parents, teachers, other school staff, and local first responders, will collaboratively develop the school’s emergency management plan as a way to develop and document efforts to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. The emergency
management plan will include procedures for fire, severe weather, earthquake, and building lockdown as
specified in Kentucky statutes and regulations. The plan, which must be adopted by the council and
implemented, will include, but not be limited to:
·         Establishment of primary and secondary evacuation routes which must be posted in each room by each doorway used for evacuation;
·         Identification of severe weather safe zones that have been reviewed by the fire marshal/fire chief, which must be posted in each room;
·         Practices for students to follow in an earthquake;
·         Development and adherence to access control measures for each school building, which may
include (but not be limited to):
o    Controlling access to exterior doors during the day
o    Controlling front door access electronically or with a greeter
o    Controlling access to individual classrooms
o    Requiring visitor check-in with identification and purpose provided, and
o    Display of visitor’s badge on outer clothing; and
·         Practices for students to follow in in case of fire that are consistent with administrative regulations of the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction.
·         Procedures for lockdown of the campus

Local law enforcement shall be invited to assist in establishing lockdown procedures.

Following adoption, the emergency plan and diagrams of the facilities will be provided to appropriate first responders. First responders, for the purpose of this policy, include local fire personnel, local, county
and/or state police personnel, and emergency medical personnel. Due to the need to maintain student
and staff safety and security, the emergency plan and diagram of the facility will not be disclosed in
response to any Open Records requests.

Prior to the first instructional day of school, the principal, or designee, will present and review all
emergency procedures with all staff. Documentation including the time and date of the review will be kept
on file at the school with a copy sent to the district office to document completion. Documentation may
include methods such as a sign-in sheet that includes the printed name of each staff member (all certified
and classified staff), the signature of the staff member and the date and time of the review.

Within the first thirty (30) instructional days of the school year and again during the month of January, the
school will conduct one (1) severe weather drill, one (1) earthquake drill, and one building lockdown. .
Fire drills will be conducted in accordance with timelines, procedures and requirements outlined in the
DHBC regulations. Whenever possible, first responders shall be given notice of possible drills and invited
to observe. The principal is responsible for ensuring the implementation of these drills and reporting
completion and problems noted during the drill to the school council and to the district central office for any remedial action needed.

At the end of each school year, the emergency procedures are to be reviewed by the school council (or
designated school council committee with report to the school council) and first responders and revised
as needed.

Annually, the principal is responsible for working with the central office to ensure that all local first
responders have a current diagram of the school that notes the primary and secondary evacuation routes,
the severe weather safe zones and notations of the exterior and front entrance access points.
Completion will be reported to the council and documentation maintained in the principal’s office.
A comprehensive diagram of the school showing primary and secondary evacuation routes will be posted
at each school doorway prior to the first instructional day of school. Identified severe weather safe zones
which have been identified and reviewed by the local fire marshal or fire chief will be posted at each
school doorway prior to the first instructional day of school.

We will evaluate the effectiveness of this policy through our School Improvement Planning Process.

Date Adopted:  November 2013

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