Parent Involvement Policy and School Compact

Lakewood Elementary
Parent Involvement Policy


We realize that the parent is the child’s first and most important teacher, and that the parent’s continued involvement is essential for the success of the child.  Therefore, Lakewood Elementary School is committed to building a strong parent-school partnership.  To support the parent-school partnership, the following policies were designed with meaningful consultation from parents.

I.              At the beginning of each school year, a school parent compact, developed through parent and staff input, will be distributed asking parents and students to commit to a partnership with the school.
II.             An annual parent meeting will be held at which parents of all students will be invited.  The contents of the annual meeting will consist of information pertaining to the school-wide program and activities provided with Title I funds.  This meeting will also serve as part of the comprehensive range of opportunities for parents to become informed, in a timely way, about how the program will be designed, operated, and evaluated, allowing opportunities for parental participation, so that parents and educators can work together to achieve the program’s objectives.  A school advisory council, consisting of five parents and a Title I staff member will work with all programs in the school to implement the Title I program within the total school program. 
III.            Parent involvement activities will be provided.  The purpose and content of parent involvement activities will be:

¨        To make parents aware of the importance of parental involvement requirements, other relevant provisions of the program and to receive input from the parents concerning the manner in which the school and parents can work together to achieve the program’s objectives;

¨        To provide accessibility for parents to teachers, Title I staff and other educational personnel;

¨        To provide information regarding the school curriculum and to welcome parents to observe the total school program;

¨        To provide opportunities for parent-teacher conferences to discuss the student’s progress, placement, and methods the parent can use to complement the child’s instruction;

¨        To discuss ways the school staff can best provide information, programs, and activities in effective language and format that is understandable by all participants;

¨        To provide support to parents through training and services;

¨        To provide information concerning the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System (CATS) state mandated assessment process; and

¨        To provide information on the processes and research-based strategies utilized by Lakewood teachers.

IV.            Appropriate training will be provided to all staff members to increase the effectiveness of the partnership between home and school.  The training will be in the form of workshops, professional development sessions, conferences, and or faculty meetings.
V.             The Title I staff will coordinate parent activities with other groups such as Extended School, Family Resource Center, Math Intervention Program, and the Tech Project.
VI.            Parents will be provided with ongoing communication through progress reports depending on the grade level.
VII.           At the end of each school year, the Title I staff will meet with the parents of the School Advisory Council to assess and discuss the effectiveness of the parent involvement program and to discuss how the next year’s program will be designed, operated, and evaluated.  In addition, parents will be surveyed at the end of each year to provide input into the program.
Those results will be used in developing the next year’s program.


School-Family Compact

The staff at Lakewood feels that a partnership between the school and home is essential in providing the best education for each of our students.  In an effort to strengthen this partnership, a school-family compact has been developed with input from parents and teachers.  As our staff commits to the compact, we are asking for each child, along with his or her parent/guardian to commit to this partnership as well.  Below is the compact, signed by our principal, Title I coordinator, and your child’s classroom teacher.  We ask that you and your child sign and commit to the parent and student portion of the compact. 

As staff members of Lakewood, we commit to:
·         Be proactive (Habit 1) by providing a safe and welcoming environment, believing that all children can learn, and modeling respect and professionalism in all interactions.
·         Begin with the End in Mind (Habit 2) by communicating clearly academic and behavioral expectations and providing high-quality instruction in a supportive learning environment that enables your child to be successful in the classroom.
·         Put First Things First (Habit 3) by putting students first in all of our decisions and planning standards-based instruction that meets the needs of all students.
·         Think Win-Win (Habit 4) by challenging children as individuals, working to ensure each child develops to his/her potential by using a variety of techniques to help your child be independent and successful in the learning process.
·         Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood (Habit 5) by consistently communicating with parents and listening to your concerns and suggestions.
·         Synergize (Habit 6) by holding student-led conferences at least once a year, providing parent volunteer opportunities, encouraging parents to serve on school committees, and collaborating with our Parent-Teacher Team.
·         Sharpen the Saw (Habit 7) by hosting family community events and extracurricular activities throughout the year to allow opportunities for the Lakewood staff, students, and families to balance work and play.
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Principal’s Signature                                      Classroom Teacher’s Signature

Title I Coordinator’s Signature

As parents, we commit to:
·         Be Proactive (Habit 1) by making sure my child gets to school on time each day with supplies and ready to learn, checking with my child for information sent home, and promptly reading and responding appropriately.
·         Begin with the End in Mind  (Habit 2) by establishing time and a quiet place for homework completion, reviewing homework and activities daily, and offering help when needed.
·         Put First Things First (Habit 3)by seeing that my child attends school regularly and is on time, supporting my child in assignments, limiting television viewing and videogames, and ensuring that my child gets enough sleep each night.
·         Think Win Win (Habit 4) by creating an atmosphere at home that fosters respect for school and the staff and students at our school and working with the staff.
·         Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood (Habit 5) by keeping communication open with teachers and the school so that my child will progress academically and develop positive relationships with other students and adults.
·         Synergize (Habit 6) by working with the school staff to form a partnership for the success of our children, volunteering at the school, or serving on a school committee.
·         Sharpen the Saw (Habit 7) by supporting and showing interest in my child’s extracurricular activities.
As a student, I commit to:
·         Be Proactive (Habit 1) by having a positive attitude, coming to school on time and ready to learn with my supplies, completing classwork, and following teacher directions.
·         Begin with the End in Mind (Habit 2) by setting academic and leadership goals and working to complete those goals.
·         Put First Things First (Habit 3) by completing my homework and studying for tests before I play.
·         Think Win Win (Habit 4) by showing respect for myself, my school and other people and working cooperatively with everyone.
·         Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood (Habit 5) by asking questions when I do not understand something and by respecting the differences of others.
·         Synergize (Habit 6) by participating in classroom activities without being disruptive, giving all notes from school to my parent or guardian each day, and returning signed papers to my teacher.
·         Sharpen the Saw (Habit 7) by reading outside of school every day and participating in extracurricular activities that I enjoy.

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