Dress Code Policy



Proper appearance not only makes for a good self-concept, but has also been shown to have a high relationship to school pride and appropriate behavior.  We ask that students and parents accept their responsibilities concerning this matter.  Parents will be contacted when a student’s appearance is considered a possible distraction to self or others’ normal school progress and orderly operation of the school. 

*Students are required to wear athletic/tennis shoes and socks all day – every day.
*Appropriate dress will consist of pants, jeans, athletic wear, Capri pants, skirts, shorts, skorts, or jumpers (mid-thigh length or longer). No sagging pants.
*Articles of clothing should not contain offensive, degrading, or unwholesome slogans, symbols or pictures.
* No strapless shirts, spaghetti straps, low-cut tops, mesh clothing, or muscle shirts.  Shirts may be sleeveless; however, the armholes must come up to the armpit and conform to the shoulder area. Shirts or blouses that expose the child’s stomach are prohibited.
*Head coverings are to be worn outside the school building.  Hooded sweatshirts are permitted but hoods should not be on inside the buildings.
*Exceptions to the dress policy will be made for students with religious objections or students with special needs only after a meeting with administration.
* Students not following the dress code will be asked to change clothing and parents will be contacted.

            The following situations may be addressed by the principal, counselor, or teacher and students may be asked to not wear a particular item to school in the future, asked to reverse a shirt, or asked to change their personal appearance.  In addition parents may be called during the school day to bring a change of clothing for their child or the FRC may be asked to provide clothing for the remainder of the school day.
-          a student’s personal appearance that causes a disturbance among the students;
-          clothing worn by a student that causes a disturbance among the students;
-          clothing deemed inappropriate by the staff;

-          apparel that presents a concern for the student’s personal safety.  

Adopted January 2015

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