Instructional and Non-Instructional Time Policy

Instructional AND Non-Instructional Staff Time Assignment policy
Lakewood Elementary

CRITERIA for assignment
The principal will assign staff members’ time in a manner that will:
  1. Fully support implementation of our School Improvement Plan and our Student Assignment Policy.
  2. Take into account staff members’ requests to vary their work, particularly if a teacher has requested a change or has been in a particular assignment for multiple years.
  3. Take into account different teachers’ strengths and in-depth knowledge of specific topics.
  4. Take into account specific student needs based on student performance data.
  5. Respect state certification requirements and the parameters of district job classifications.

To complete assignments, the principal will:
1.    Upon receiving HCS staff allotment, invite all returning staff members to indicate their preference for continuing or changing assignments the next year, including classroom assignments, extra-duty assignments, and other responsibilities.
2.    In April, meet with any individual staff members whose requests may be difficult to grant to discuss reasons for the staff member’s interest, factors making it difficult to grant the requests, and possible solutions.
3.    In May, assign staff members based on the criteria in the first section of this policy.
4.    In August, notify the council of how all staff members have been assigned.

After making assignments, the principal may alter them:
  1. When necessary to respond to unanticipated enrollment or staffing changes.
  2. When the principal and the affected teachers agree that a change is needed.
3.    When the council changes other policies or the School Improvement Plan and recognizes in the minutes that those changes may require staff time assignment changes that cannot be put off until the next school year.

While on school property, students at Lakewood Elementary School will be under the supervision of a qualified adult who will hold them accountable for their conduct.


Prior to the opening of each school year, the principal (or designee) will have in place a plan of daily student supervision for the following areas:

Ÿ  Cafeteria
Ÿ  Restrooms
Ÿ  Library
Ÿ  Gymnasium/assemblies
Ÿ  Computer Lab
Ÿ  Playground
Ÿ  Halls
Ÿ  Before and after school areas
Ÿ  Bus loading and unloading zones

The Principal (or designee) will ensure that all school sponsored events and activities are supervised and chaperoned with a suitable number of qualified adults who will hold students to appropriate standards of conduct.


We will evaluate the effectiveness of this policy through our School Improvement Planning Process.

Date Adopted:  March 2012

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