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wellness Policy
Lakewood Elementary
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The purpose of the Lakewood Elementary School Wellness Policy is to ensure that all students at Lakewood Elementary School are provided with a safe and healthy environment that promotes wellness through high quality health education and physical education to enrich student learning and ensure success. We believe student health is closely associated with academic achievement, attendance rate and behavior supports, thus our students need to be striving for healthy lifestyles.

  • Our school will serve healthy meals to children with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low fat milk.
  • Meals will be moderate in sodium, low in saturated fat, and have zero grams of trans fat.
  • Parents may block the purchase of “extras” from their child’s cafeteria account.
  • In compliance with the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act, any food item offered for sale through a vending machine, school store, or fundraiser on school property shall meet the state requirements.
  • Menus will be created/reviewed by Registered Dietitian or other certified nutrition professional.

  • To promote hydration, free, safe unflavored drinking water will be available to all students throughout the school day. Students will be allowed to bring and carry water bottles filled with water with them throughout the day.
  • School ensures content of the Health Education Curriculum is frequently integrated into all content areas to meet the health and safety needs of all students.
  • Price nutritious foods at a lower cost and raise price of less nutritious foods.
  • Include nutrition education training for teachers and other staff.

Schools will not use foods or beverages, especially unhealthy foods or beverages, as rewards for academic performance or good behavior. The school will provide teachers a list of alternative ways to reward children.
Schools should limit celebrations that involve food during the school day, and parents are encouraged to send healthy snacks for celebrations. A suggested list of snacks that meet nutrition standards for foods and beverages will be provided to parents.
The school, through Hardin County Schools, will send home nutrition information, post nutrition tips on website, and provide lunch menus. Schools should encourage parents to pack healthy lunches and snacks that meet the nutrition guidelines.

Physical activity can take place in the school through physical education, recess, and classroom-based physical activity. Our school will ensure that these varied opportunities are in addition to, and not as a substitute for, physical education class. All students will receive at least 30 minutes daily of physical activity outside of physical education class. This can occur through:
  • Lesson plans including planned student movement and integration into academic lessons.
  • Recess – at least 20 minutes of recess time is allocated and supervised each day, with a minimum of once a week on the PFA equipment.
Our school will prohibit withholding of physical activity for incomplete assignments or behavior management; however, school staff may assign students to walk or perform a certain amount of activity, not exceeding the student’s capabilities (i.e. 10 sit ups or push ups) as a consequence for behavior or academic violations, rather than the scheduled activities for Lifetime or PE.

  • A certified physical education teacher will provide instruction. The instruction will be consistent with national and state standards for physical education.
  • Students will receive the equivalent of 45 minutes of physical education per week.
  • The physical education program will promote student physical fitness through individualized fitness and activity assignments.

In compliance with 702 KAR 6:090, Lakewood Elementary School will utilize the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program to evaluate the school environment. This report will be shared annually with the district as required by KRS 160.345(11) and release the report at least 60 days prior to the public forum. Results will be reported to parents and community stakeholders via the school’s website.
The provisions of this policy shall be implemented to comply with provisions required by federal law, state law, or local board policy. If any specific requirement above does not fit with those rules, the principal shall notify the council so that the policy can be amended to fit.

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