Classroom Assessment Policy

Classroom Assessment Policy
Lakewood Elementary School

Classroom assessments will be used to monitor each student’s progress toward academic goals, meet individual student needs, and drive the planning process for instruction.  Assessment data in all subjects will also be used to improve instruction, guide program decisions, and communicate to families regarding student progress.                             
In each class, students will complete formative and summative assessment activities to demonstrate their learning and to ensure their learning and continuous progress.  Teachers are responsible for making sure those activities are aligned with the state standards for all subjects – English/Language Arts; Math; Science; Social Studies; Practical Living and Career Studies; and Arts and Humanities.

In each class, students will complete classroom formative assessment(s) to demonstrate their learning. Teachers are responsible for making sure that the formative assessments:
1.    Assess the learning target.
  1. Are valid and appropriate demonstrations of what students should know and be able to do. 
3.    Provide data to drive future instruction.
  1. Provide opportunities several times a year for students to choose among a variety of ways they can demonstrate learning, including options appropriate to preferred learning styles. 
  2. Provide meaningful feedback to students including opportunities to reflect, self-evaluate, set goals, and strengthen their performance is part of the regular learning process.
Teachers will make adjustments in instruction to meet students’ needs based on the results of daily formative assessments.

Summative assessments will be given at the end of each standard taught.  When students do not meet the standard, an opportunity for a review or re-teach will be provided and the students will be given another opportunity to demonstrate mastery.  Summative assessment data will be utilized to guide instruction for the next time the standard is taught.

Evaluation of STUDENT Performance 
As an ongoing practice, teachers will differentiate instruction based on each student’s performance on common assessments, formative assessments, Measure of Academic Progress, other computerized assessments, observations, student assignments, and summative assessments.

PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITY                          
At least one time per month, the principal or designee will attend a PLC meeting with each team of teachers to review student performance.

Results from assessments such as MAP and other computerized assessments will be communicated to parents in all subject areas.

We will evaluate the effectiveness of this policy through our School Improvement Planning Process.

Date Adopted: January 2012

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