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Lakewood Elementary School

Our School Improvement Planning process will include:

An analysis of our state testing data and other school data as necessary to discover the extent to which our students are meeting state standards.

Systematic work to discover and correct the causes of and barriers to high performance and the extent to which technology utilization is a factor.  

A revision of our School Improvement Plan based on our needs assessment data for that year.  The Plan will set goals and will address contributing technology issues and methods to improve technology use (if necessary) to help move our students to state standards according to the timetable established by the Kentucky Board of Education.

We will implement this process to address technology utilization and barriers, and the resulting Plan will be monitored by the council through ongoing Implementation and Impact Checks.

Each year all students and parents will be required to sign and date the Certification Statement which indicates they have received the Acceptable Use Policy in order to have access to school computers.  This policy is attached and considered part of this Technology Utilization Policy approved by the council.  

Acceptable Use Policy 

We will evaluate the effectiveness of this policy through our School Improvement Planning Process.

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Date Reviewed or Revised:  _____   Council Chairperson’s Initials _____ 

Hardin County Schools Internet Safety Policy And Acceptable Use Procedures Revision 1.2 – 08/24/09 Overview – Each student attending  Hardin County Schools will be given an account in order to access the district’s computer network.  Once the appropriate privileges are granted by the parent and/or guardian, this account will also allow the student to access either the Internet, E‐Mail (Electronic Mail) or both.  This access is a privilege and not a right.  Should a student violate any of the rules and/or policies outlined within this document, these privileges may be suspended or revoked. Permission must be granted each school year by the parent and/or guardian.  Permission may also be revoked by parental and/or guardian request at any time throughout the school year.   Parent/guardian permission requests must be made in writing via the Certification Statement Card which is available in the school’s office. All computers are the property of the Hardin County School system and all data stored on this is the property of the school system. Access to Inappropriate Material – Access of materials deemed as inappropriate, including but not limited to, sexually explicit and/or obscene is strictly prohibited.  The District utilizes Internet filtering technology in order to limit access to such sites and materials.  All internet traffic is logged and archived.  If a faculty member suspects that a student has accessed an inappropriate website, a request can be made of the district technology staff to retrieve the logs for a particular student for a given period of time.  The local administrative staff at the school will then evaluate the data and take the appropriate action.  This action may include the suspension of the student’s internet access up to total denial for the remainder of the school year.  This policy is in accordance with 701 KAR 5:120 Prevention of Objectionable Material Transmitted to Schools via Computer. Internet Safety and Security – The safety of our students is of utmost importance to the District.    The access of social websites from the District network by students is expressly forbidden.  Electronic chat rooms, Internet Relay Chat, Skype, etc are not permitted by students without strict faculty supervision.  These types of sites are filtered by our Internet filtering system.  The only E‐Mail system that may be accessed via the District’s network is the Kentucky Department of Education’s approved system.  Access to any other E‐Mail system via our network is strictly prohibited.  These sites are also filtered by our Internet filtering system.  This is in accordance with 701 KAR 5:120 Prevention of Objectionable Material Transmitted to Schools via Computer.   The District provided E‐Mail system is for educational purposes only. Revision 1.2 – 08/24/09 Unauthorized Access – Access of the District network and/or a school owned computer may only be permitted with a student’s personal login and password.  A student may not reveal their password to anyone nor may they use another student’s password to access a district computer or the network.  The use of any software in the attempt to gain access to a computer and/or network, obtain another user’s password, or interfere with the flow of information on the network is strictly prohibited. The downloading and use of Port Scanners, hacking software, etc., is strictly prohibited unless authorized in an IT class and monitored by a faculty member.  KRS 434.520 Unlawful access to a computer in the second degree states that  unlawful access to a computer is a Class D felony.   Any student found in violation of this statute may, at minimum, lose their network/computer privileges and at most, be brought up on criminal charges. Misuse of Computer Information – Any student who accesses any information, software and/or records, or assists another in doing same, is in violation of KRS 434.845 Misuse of Computer Information.  Examples of this type of information include, but are not limited to, Infinite Campus for student records and data and MUNIS and CPA for financial records.  Gaining access to these types of information and redistributing to other, changing information (such as student grades or attendance records) constitutes violation of this statute.  KRS 434.845 states that Misuse of Computer Information is a Class C felony.  Any student found in violation of this statute may, at minimum, lose their network/computer privileges and at most, be brought up on criminal charges. Student E‐Mail and Microsoft Live @ EDU – The Outlook Live e‐mail solution is provided to your child by the district as part of the Live@Edu service from Microsoft®.  By signing/acknowledging this AUP, you hereby accept and agree that your child’s rights to use the Outlook Live e‐mail service, and other Live@Edu services as the Kentucky Department of Education may provide over time, are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in district policy/procedure as provided and that the data stored in such Live@Edu services, including the Outlook Live e‐mail service, are managed by the district pursuant to policy 08.2323 and accompanying procedures.  You also understand that the Windows Live ID provided to your child also can be used to access other electronic services that provide features such as online storage and instant messaging.  Use of those Microsoft® services is subject to Microsoft’s® standard consumer terms of use (the Windows Live Service Agreement), and data stored in those systems are managed pursuant to the Windows Live Service Agreement and the Microsoft® Online privacy Statement.  Before your child can use those Microsoft services, he/she must accept the Windows Live Service Agreement and, in certain cases, obtain your consent. Revision 1.2 – 08/24/09 Other Policies – Students are also not permitted to engage in the following: • Harassing, insulting or attacking others • Damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks • Violating copyright laws • Trespassing in another’s folders, work or files • Intentionally wasting limited resources (playing unauthorized games, etc) • Employing the network for commercial purposes • Intentionally loading viruses onto computers, diskettes, flash drives or networks. Summary – Outlined here are various activities that are prohibited by District policy.  Access to the computer systems and network is a privilege for our students, not a right.  Any student found in violation of these policies may result in immediate termination of computer/network privileges, other disciplinary actions as deemed by the School/District administrative staff, and/or criminal prosecution.   The primary manor in which these rules will be enforced will be through teacher/faculty supervision.   Automated safeguards have been put into place to limit the number of simultaneous computers logins by a student, and filters to guard against inappropriate Internet sites and materials.  The District also has appliances in place that “watch” the network for inappropriate traffic.  This traffic can be traced to a single workstation and the user of that machine can be identified.   

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