Thursday, February 11, 2016

December 2015 Minutes

DECEMBER 2, 2015 

Mrs. Clark called the  meeting of the Lakewood School Council to order.  Council members present were Amanda  Pence,  Chris Spears,  Sue Knapp, Lisa Shrader  and Shelee Clark.
I.                    ORDER #FY16 – 1148 – APPROVAL OF AGENDA – Council agreed by consensus to approve the agenda.
ORDER #FY16 – 1149 – APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Council agreed by consensus to approve the minutes of the October 28, 2015 regular meeting.
MAP testing has started for the students.  American Education Week will be celebrated at the Towne Mall with displays and performances.  Congratulations to the STLP teams which all qualified for state.  KSI is currently serving 83 students in intervention process which is 15% of the student population.  Mrs. Clark talked about the hour of code where students are learning computer skills.  Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Skaggs will be conducting some classes about this process.  Program reviews were discussed which will include specific examples.
II.                  The October  budget  report was reviewed and accepted. The October and November accident reports were reviewed and accepted. 
III.                Council was provided with numerous committee reports which were discussed and accepted.   These included reports from the Assessment, Learning  Environment, Efficiency and Curriculum and Instruction committees.
IV.                ORDER #FY16 – 1150 – APPROVAL OF CSIP – Council agreed by consensus to approve the CSIP.
ORDER #FY16 – 1151 – CONSULTATION TO HIRE -  Council officially consulted to hire Hannah Riggs to fill the instructional assistant position.
V.                   Council agreed to change the regular monthly meeting time to the second Thursday of each month.  The next regular meeting will be Thursday, January 14, 2016 at 4:00 pm at Lakewood conference room. Amanda Pence  will serve as facilitator, Sue Knapp as resource person and Marlinda Lush  as scribe. 
ORDER #FY16 – 1152 – ADJOURNMENT – Meeting was adjourned by consensus of council.



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