Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March 2016 Agenda

March 24, 2016 Agenda

1. Opening Business
    a. Approval of the Agenda 
    b. Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting    
    c. Good News Report
    d. Public Comment
2. Student Achievement Report/Data
    a. MAP Testing begins April 13
    b.  K-PREP Testing Window May 9-13
    c. School-wide WIGS: 100% of students completed a student-led conference.  Students have also met the math fact goal of learning 10,000 new math facts.  
3. Planning
    a. Council Leadership: New edition of Insights available online
    b. Program Reviews
4. Budget Report
5.  Committee Reports
     a. Learning Environment March Meeting
     b.  Efficiency Committee March Meeting
     c.  Curriculum and Instruction March Meeting 
    d. Accident Report
6. New Business
   a.  2016-17 Staffing Allocations
   b.  2016-17 Per Pupil Budget
   d. 2016-17 Professional Learning Plan
   e.  FRYSC Continuation Grant Approval
7. Adjournment

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