Monday, February 13, 2017

JANUARY 9, 2017       

Mrs. Clark called the  meeting of the Lakewood School Council to order.  Council members present were Kathie Hamilton,  Lori Howlett,  Marlinda Lush  and Shelee Clark.
I.                    ORDER #FY17 – 1215 – APPROVAL OF AGENDA – Council agreed by consensus to approve the agenda.
ORDER #FY17 – 1216 – APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Council agreed by consensus to approve the minutes of the December 12, 2016 regular meeting.
Mrs. Clark shared the Section 7 funding approvals.  The December holiday meal was enjoyed by many grandparents and students.  Students enjoyed Christmas shopping in the holiday gift shop in the library sponsored by PTT.  Preschool was approved for an all star grant.  Jamie Chenault is working on her national board certification.
II.                  The Brigance Kindergarten Readiness data was reviewed and discussed.  Science through course tasks was also discussed.
III.                The December budget report was reviewed and accepted. 
The December accident report was reviewed and accepted.
Council was provided with numerous  committee reports which were reviewed and accepted.  These included the Assessment Committee,  Curriculum Committee and the Learning Environment Committee
IV.                ORDER #FY17 – 1217 – TEXTBOOK ADOPTION & PURCHASING PLAN APPROVAL – Council agreed by consensus to approve the Textbook Adoption and Purchasing Plan.
V.                   The next regular meeting will be Monday,  February 13, 2017 at 4:00 pm at Lakewood conference room.  Marlinda Lush will serve as facilitator, Kathie Hamilton as resource person and Lori Howlett  as scribe. 
ORDER #FY17 – 1218 – ADJOURNMENT – Meeting was adjourned by consensus of council.




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