Sunday, August 13, 2017

August 2017 Agenda

Lakewood Elementary School
August 14, 2017

1. Opening Business
    a. Approval of the Agenda 
    b. Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting    
    c. Good News Report
    d. Public Comment

2. Student Achievement Report/Data
    a. MAP Testing begins August 21

    b. KSI Plan
    c. Name and Need Plan

3. Planning
    a. Council Leadership

        1. Training Update
        2. Sign Record Retentions Form
    b.  Bylaw or Policy Review 

4. Budget Report

5.  Committee Reports
     a.  Accident Report
     b. Efficiency Committee Minutes
     c. Curriculum and Instruction Committee Minutes
     d. Assessment Committee Minutes
     e. Learning Environment Committee Minutes

6. New Business
    a. Approval of Hire: Amanda Baker, Fifth Grade Classroom Teacher

    b. Approval of Hire: Jessica Darst, Special Education Teacher
    c. Approval of Hire: Casey  Munson, Preschool Classroom Teacher
    d. Approval of Hire: Katherine Riggs, Preschool Instructional Assistant
    e. Approval of Hire: Debra Stults, Preschool Instructional Assistant
    f. Approval of Hire: Brooke Gregory, Part-time Instructional Assistant
    g. First Read of Program Appraisal Policy
    h. Annual Review of Safety and Emergency Plan (Confidential)
    i.  Approval of 2017-2018 Title I budgets and description of schoolwide program

7. Adjournment

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